Can You Hear Me Now

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Picture this, it is a quiet evening, you are at home with your family, there are no appointments or sports games to run off to, what are you and your family doing together? Did you find yourself visualizing playing a game together, maybe having a nice dinner, or talking about everyone’s day all the while there is laughter filling the air. Well, it just so happens that a similar circumstance transpired in my own home a while back, however, instead of interacting with family, there I sat curled up on the couch scrolling through my phone as if it was the only thing that mattered. Meanwhile, my family was doing the same thing, caught up with the stimulating imagines flashing before their eyes every once in a while, perking up to announce to the room, “Hey, you got to see this.” This reality made me realized how much I missed the time before smartphones, touchpads, any of those “personal” electronic devices that seem to be consuming more of our time.…show more content…
A while later, I recalled what I had witnessed, as I read Sherry Turkle’s article, “Can You Hear Me Now?” While her argument was weak in various areas, overall, the argument proved effective in showcasing her capability to appeal to her audience’s emotions, as well as, evoking them to reflect as to how technology has affected their own perception of themselves and their interactions with those around
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