Can You Image A Life With Hearing Music?

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Could you image a life with hearing music? In today’s society it is impossible to go somewhere and not hear music playing in the background or as the center entertainment. Whether it be while you are shopping for food or at the dentist, it is very likely that you will hear music. In many places it is put there as a way to persuade people, to uplift them. However, the persuasive message I will be discussion is the ads that come on music apps, mostly on Spotify. To some they are simple just a music app, but if you listen closely you will hear that you are being persuaded to upgrade that music app. When a product is used in your everyday life it is easy to give in, but it helps if that persuasive message has certain qualities, such as; context, stickiness, models, and the goals from the individual can all make a difference. When I hear this certain ad I always picture a party, because that is something I picture from the noises in the ad. I heard this ad about half a year ago and I hear it on a weekly basis now. I listen to Spotify every day and it has been that way for over a year. I am able to listen to Spotify for free, with the exception of ads and no skipping. The one thing I refuse to do was to pay for music I can listen to for free. Usually the ads are promoting the upgrade. This ad that I keep refereeing to, starts off with a few people talking. After a couple seconds the music, in the ad, starts up and everyone starts having a great time and people are talking. A
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