Can You Own a Sound?

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Can You Own a Sound? Do you think Happy Birthday is a copy right? We listen to music today and hear either the same beat or bits of pieces of someone else’s song on a different album. So, I ask this question again can you own a sound. When did sampling get popular? Sampling is the act of taking a portion of a song. The rapper Ice Cube recorded a song about sampling. Some people sued others for sampling, because it was either their beat or their lyrics. Sampling gained in the 1960’s. Once it started it caught people’s attention. It was said back then lots of people heard a similar beat from artist to artist. Sampling continues till today. Why are people amused by music if they have the same beat or sometimes stolen lyrics? Most…show more content…
Chris put this is one of his songs. Now if you think about it copyright is when you either take someone else’s sound. Ice Cube made a song in the 1900’s about sampling, and used someone else’s beat. Now today it’s not that hard to take someone else’s beat and change the lyrics. Little do they know? Anyone who takes another artist song they can sew. My opinion on sampling I think its ok. Like we can’t stop people from using lyrics or beats from others. To me like people may be so interesting in your beat that they thought they use it. Honestly be happy that another author wants to use your beat or some lyrics they admire it. One of the sources I used sources Cathy Lynn Grossman, “Dance World Honors Ballet” of Mr. B: Kennedy Center Presents 14 works from Balanchine, “USA today, 12 September 2000, and p.40. Another source I used was Associated press, “Rock concerts Moving to Big Screens: Rolling Stones Green Day among bands simulcasting shows, (7 July 2003). And my last source was Steve Knopper, “The Cheap Seats,” Rolling (10 July 2003); 17. These are the only sources I chose out of the book. I just want to talk about these sources. I found these sources in this book and it helped me find people with music. These helped a lot in my sources and my research. Does a hardcore rock sound almost sound the same? When you hear rock do you just

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