Can You Play Your Way Through Bills?

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Can you play your way through bills? As any child whose dream it was to play video games as their future career, most parents would say that “playing games won’t pay the bills or put food on the table”. Instead of having dreams of playing video games for the rest of their lives, they should aspire to become a scientist, a teacher, some kind of engineer, or the all time favorite a doctor, the only people who make money off video games are the lucky ones who can make them not just play them. But how much of this statement is true? If only these parents knew that there are people making six figure incomes by playing video games, they might change their minds before telling their child that their dream is just that and no, it is not only the one or two lucky people in the world that can make it in this multi-billion dollar industry. People can definitely make a living off playing video games. Education is important in life, as the more a person knows, the more tools they have at their disposal. eSports is not an exception to this rule. The difference between a regular job and a job within eSports is what you learn and how you apply this knowledge, for jobs such as a retail manager they would learn the basic trades of business and apply more from the department of managerial accounting. For people within eSports the material they have to learn is everything within the game they are playing, not only that, but there are also “regular jobs” within eSports as well, such as…
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