Can You Think of Any Facet of Life that Doesn't Encompass Competition

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Let’s start off with a challenge: Can you think of any facet of life that doesn’t encompass competition? Competition is, quite literally, the basis of why we’re here. Competition is the survival of the fittest. It’s the whole point of Darwin’s evolution theory. It’s why you’re reading this - right here, right now. Competition is precisely why we exist - fetation, after all, results from the strongest male gamete fusing with the ovum. It has only become more apparent just how much competition molds our lives. In our race for development we have become obsessed - obsessed with the best and the worst, who claims victory and who bites the dust. Without so much as a thought, already we box things in terms of rivalry and contention. “Do you love Biology? ... You should join the Olympiads!” “You’re good at writing? Why not enter a writing competition?” You see, stemming from our early years, we’ve come to learn the achievements most worthwhile are the ones that give us that competitive edge. I have barely walked this planet at fourteen years old. Yet, in so many ways competition has already touched my life, time and time again. Sometimes it feels like life’s just one big competition, each phase another bid to stand out from the crowd. Competition... as a friend. I recall back to my kindergarten days, when I made my first ever best friend - light blue eyes and dusty blonde hair; shy, quiet but friendly. That is how I remember her. I had dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

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