Can a Child's Caretaker Influence the Stress Levels of the Child?

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To expand on this body of research, this cross-sectional study (Wyman et al., 1992) focuses on the child’s view of the caretaking environment and investigates whether the environments that children live in are a factor in protecting against stress effects. In addition, Wyman et al. (1992) also attempt to expand the research definition of resilience attributes beyond only child-family variables by identifying other key factors contributing to resilience such as self-esteem and hope for the future.
Wyman et al. (1992) identify two research purposes: to identify family and child variables associated with resilient outcomes, and to identify possible gender differences within those variables. They hypothesize that children who feel that they have a healthy, loving relationship with their caregivers will have resilient outcomes in high-stress situations, and that stress-resilient children will have higher self-perceptions, higher hopes for the future, and more positive peer relationships than do stress-affected children (Wyman, et al., 1992). Furthermore, previous research indicated that certain factors might have more of an influence over girls than over boys, so gender differences within variables are also investigated (Wyman et al., 1992).
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