Essay on Can a Machine Know ?

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One of the most biased and controversial topics in the field of philosophy is that of a statement, and the questioning of "Can a machine know." The problems associating and surrounding this topic are endless, because of all the different biases, reasonable and skeptical thoughts that people contribute to the discussions. On an occasion when this turmoil question comes up an individual might be comparing and thinking that a plain toaster is a machine which is true and yet someone else compares the newest breakthrough in technology such as a robot and they might say that its "knows" what it is doing. However in the end of each discussion there is a doubt, this simple emotion, this chemical imbalance that makes you think of what you just …show more content…
The company Honda has made a robot that they say is by far the most advanced one in the world today, they quote on quote have said" it is just like us." The robot has the ability to talk shake hands and perform the mechanical functions that an individual may have, yet in the end the robot was programmed to raise its arm and move it up and down when someone else does, so it mimics your moves and looks up the possible outcomes in its data base, this is NOT an example of a real human. A human has the ability to process the knowledge or what you have said to him or her and have his own opinion and bias towards the conversation or the activity that he or she is involved in, where as a robot just performs the task that it is given and programmed to do, if you were to insult the machine in any ways it would not talk back nor would it be hurt by your actions. Hondas robot just performs the tasks that it is programmed to do such as walk on black circular lines. What I am getting at is a machine just performs the tasks it is made to do with no regret bias or any feelings towards the function.

Knowledge, what exactly is it, how can it be classified, an abstract thought that mingles along the deepest permanent curves of our brain or something more real that we can reach out and touch. The basic criteria for knowledge would be a thougral independent understanding of a topic
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