Can a Native State Exist Within a Canadian State

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Political Scientists, Thomas Flanagan and Roger Townshend explain the key to the big question: “Can a Native State Exist Within a Canadian State?” in the readings: “The Case for Native Sovereignty” and “Native Sovereignty: Does Anyone Really Want an Aboriginal Archipelago?”. The essay will outline and provide evidence to both sides, whether there could or could not exist a Native State in Canada. The document will argue that Natives are not organized enough to form their own government. Throughout the decades, Natives have agonized many savageries at the hands of the European settlers. The essay will take Flanagan’s side with the belief that Natives should not be sovereign, using the textbooks “Principles of Comparative Politics”, and…show more content…
This would gradually abolish the Native rituals, religions, languages and traditions. Non-Native children had been separated from Native schools to regular English schools. They were not allowed to practice their traditions, religions or language. They have been pushed away from their society and that caused physical, sexual and emotional assault. Hunting rights were limited and the environment of Natives and that has been affected by expansion events. One of the reasons why Aboriginals are in jeopardy is caused by Canadian societies, which are outside their reserves. When they want to participate and interact with non-Natives, they are being suppressed.
On the reserves, there is a lack of education and Natives are forced to move from place to place to find a job and live a stable life – something that their reserve cannot provide. In the history of Canada, before the Europeans have arrived to the North America, the Aboriginals struggled with their individual form of government with a steady economy. Hence the fact, if the country were to allow them to form their own government, they would be able to create and keep their sovereignty. Within past, the Natives became familiar of using the easiest style of society, called a hunter-gatherer society. Using this out-of-date form of civilization they were repetitively considering for new regimes and food. Accordingly, they were being forced to endlessly travel from momentary reserves.
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