Can breaking the law ever be justified?

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There were times in history when breaking the law was justified: great leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King broke the law and changed the world for the better. Breaking the law is morally justifiable and acceptable when the law in itself is iniquitous and if that law violates human rights and conscience; Certainly, rules are established for us to follow but we as human beings should be able to differentiate the right and the wrong and incase laws need to be violated for the right cause even with hard consequences, breaking the law can be justified; considering the situations and the purposes. Justification of the violation of laws depends on the situation, not on the rules and regulations: in certain places of the world there are…show more content…
Some socio cultural rules that are totally irrelevant must be breached, if not it shall create stymies for people who want to live freely. As our societies are concerned we are barely allowed to do intercaste marriages, polygamy else our fate of living or not is depicted by the society even if our family accepts it. Unjust laws do exist in the society, but that has to be removed slowly rather than protesting and making a mess out of everything. Most of the times breaking the laws becomes a must: when u go impecunious and your wife is dying because u cannot afford the drug to cure her and for that if you steal the drug, such cases can be justified morally. Yes, the person surely has to get punished but the punishment can be reduced to minimum as that ‘stealing’ was for a purpose and such reasons seem clearly justifiable. Breaking the law is no crime but the way you carry out might be one. People oppose by civil disobedience, vigilantism, terrorism whereas strikes and peace marches are other ways to peacefully fight. We must be able to raise our voices for unjust things happening in the society and which unfortunately prevails till now. For a change to occur we must first of all change ourselves and should not be quiet with the fear of consequences if we are fighting for the right. Such disobediences and violation, without any doubt to be considered is justifiable. Not all law breaking are justified, but
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