Can the Jewish, Christian and Islamic Communities Coexist Harmoniously

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I have been advised by the ruling council of Neutralia to conduct research regarding whether the three communities, each following a different religion, (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) will be able to coexist together harmoniously and peacefully in our nation. I have looked at all the three holy scriptures as well as history and present day examples either supporting or opposing the idea of them being able to live side by side without conflict. The Bible Looking at the holy scripture of Christianity, the Bible, I found that christians are supposed to spread their religion as much as possible as they want to offer salvation for as many as possible, but are not to act out as the non-believers unwillingness will eventually punish them when they go to hell. (King James Bible Online Revelation 21:8) Further, it talks about the Jews really following Satan and not God/G-d, as he has blinded them from seeing that the Messiah has come as they teach in Christianity, since they are still waiting. It says that Jews say they are Jews but really aren’t, referring to them as the synagogue of Satan. (King James Bible Online Revelation 2: 9) The Qur’an Qur'an tells its followers that they should respect the other two Abrahamic religions and their scriptures, as they are “people of the scriptures/book”. (The Noble Qur'an 29:46, 3:64- 65 and 12:111, Noorhan Abbas, Dr. Eric Atwell, Root, David) Moreover, it claims that all believers can enter paradise as long as they believe in the one true

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