Canad A Country Of Multicultural And Multi Ethnic

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1. Definition of Canadian
Canada is a beautiful country in North America, was born in 1867. The country 's second largest Canadian world population is only 33 million. Canada is known as a nation of multicultural and multi-ethnic. Therefore, whether your ethnicity, you also feel a little familiar. Canada is a country populated attracted from all over the world to live the most. Thus, Canada is a multicultural country. Therefore, ethnic cuisine and entertainment activities with the unique culture and distinct identity is also easily found in Canada. There are thousands of buildings, art galleries, museums and art institutes are distributed throughout Canada. In addition, From the early 18th century maple leaf is considered a symbol of Canada - symbolizing power, culture and long history of this country. Maples later appeared widely on the national flag, coins and medals of Canada. The symbol of this country is also quite famous beaver, Canada goose, crown. Besides that, Canadians are very polite, subtle and gentle in communication. The phrase "sorry" and "thank you" is used quite often. The topics that Canadians love to talk is that tourism, hometown, home, work, your local culture. Some topics should be avoided during the first exposure is about money, salary and income, religion and political beliefs. Moreover, Canada is quite famous for its cuisine and unique diversity. Is the country 's "red maple leaf". It is endowed with many advantages so should have the signature dish…
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