Canad A Country Of Multicultural And Multi Ethnic

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1. Definition of Canadian
Canada is a beautiful country in North America, was born in 1867. The country 's second largest Canadian world population is only 33 million. Canada is known as a nation of multicultural and multi-ethnic. Therefore, whether your ethnicity, you also feel a little familiar. Canada is a country populated attracted from all over the world to live the most. Thus, Canada is a multicultural country. Therefore, ethnic cuisine and entertainment activities with the unique culture and distinct identity is also easily found in Canada. There are thousands of buildings, art galleries, museums and art institutes are distributed throughout Canada. In addition, From the early 18th century maple leaf is considered a symbol of
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For example, Siro maple trees, stone wine, lobster baked Edvvard Prince 's Island; Quebec 's maple sugar cakes; cheese and traditional bagel of Oka; Alberta beef; Nanaimo cake. In Canada, cultural behavior is also important to people who is living here. In Canada are not allowed to smoke in restaurants, offices, public institutions. People who want to smoke must go outside, no matter if it 's winter or rainy. Regarding sports, the sport is most popular in Canada is hockey and Lacrosse. However, hockey is popular with about 6 million people play this sport. In addition, there are other sports such as football, skiing, baseball, golf, volleyball. Canada has been the host of the 1976 Summer Olympics, it was held in Montreal. The festival is part of the Canadian culture alive. The festival is held in the summer at most, starting with May 24 Victoria Day. Furthermore, Caribana Festival is one of the largest cultural festivals in Canada are held within 18 days on all summer. On this festive occasion, hundreds of thousands of people that are there to enjoy the culture of the Caribbean.
2. Historical Influences:
Richard Riot was a riot on March 17, 1955 (Saint Patrick 's Day) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In a match held on March 13, 1955, the referee gave a penalty to Richard. This is seen as an altercation happened on a hockey game in the history of Canada in 1955. Soon after, the Richard was suspended for his behavior. From this reason, the supporters
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