Canada And The United States

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Canada and the United States have been perceived as the world 's “longest undefended border” throughout history. As John F. Kennedy stated, “[Geography has made us neighbours, history has made us friends, economics has made us partners and necessity has made us allies]”(Leskun, 4), this relationship reveals to be the one that signals Canada’s most significant foreign policy. Pulled with ups and downs, the relation tests Canada’s identity as an independent nation. Though we share the same language and are just a border apart, Canada and the U.S. may not be the ‘best friends’ they are referred as. Our political, economic, and culture seems to clash upon theirs, but Canada is very distinct in terms of values, in policies, and actions from…show more content…
This implies that the U.S may have influenced Canada’s being, but Canada’s ties with Britain will always pull them apart from the Americans.Tensions that supported this idea began in the 1900s. In 1914, the United States decided to remain neutral during the first World War (Thompson,CBC news). Isolationism was a major dominance in America, separating them from other countries; especially Europe. For a war they had no concern of, Canada’s neighbours could’ve afforded it, but feared for the possible waste of human lives and effort. Canada was displeased with the selfish action of the U.S, because they didn’t care less about a war that Canada had to give their men, dignity, and country to (Canadian-American relations). Because of their discrete relationship with Europe, the conflict represented opposing ideologies between the two countries. In other forms of disagreements, Canada and the U.S differ in terms of immigration policies. At the start of the nineteenth century, they both had welcoming immigration policies. However, Canada attracted mainly immigrants from Britain, while the U.S accepted more immigrants from eastern and southern Europe (“Canada vs. United States”).Canada was and will be always tied to their loyal companion Britain, while on the other hand, U.S will forever strive for their independence. Similar to when the U.S stayed neutral during World War one, Canada played the role of
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