Canada And Us Cities Comparison

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Comparison the cities of Canada and the U.S The article on, “Comparing the City in the United States and Canada” by Ping Zhou discussed the differences between cities of the U.S and Canada. These two countries are tied together either geographically or economically. Though those cities of two countries share almost the same traits with each other, there are still some differences among them when “breaking down some of those traits”: Sprawl, Transportation and Ethnic Diversity. The first comparison is their sprawl. The sprawl of the cities in the U.S was not as broader as the cities in the Canada. From 1970 to 2000, Most of the largest cities in the U.S gone through a decline on population. Conventional industrial cities…show more content…
It’s well-known that those two countries consist of massive huge load of foreign immigrations either living or going-to-live there. The diversity for ethnic in both countries is abundant. However, when looking in the smaller scale of this scope of diversity, the percentage of each ethnic group is different. It is said that Hispanics (15.1%), Blacks (12.8%) are two of the most dominate ethnic groups in the U.S. Those two ethnic groups’ landscapes can be seen often in the southern and western part of the U.S. It is also known that Spanish now is the second most used language in the United States. (, Ping Zhou) One of the reason for this is the historical and geographical connection between the U.S and the Latin America. While in the Canada, two of the largest ethnic group is English and French, when South Asians (4%) and Chinese becoming increasing. The difference make-up of ethnic groups between two countries is tied back to the connection with their former colonial owner: Great Britain. After the 20th century, the huge load of the Chinese were those people who from Hong Kong and wished to escape from the bad influence to occur after the 1997 sovereignty handover to Mainland, China. They came to Canada for seeking a better life without being disrupting by the government of China. Among these immigrants, most of them came with their fortune and purchased a great quantity of property such as land around the cities of Canada.…show more content…
Since they are also developed by those different factors that would influence their economics and their cultural, physical geography, it’s not hard to tell them apart for
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