Canada As A Very Innocent Country

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People often view Canada as a very innocent country. Despite Canada currently being such a friendly country, it is impossible to deny some of the atrocious actions that Canadians have done in the past. A less known example would be the discrimination against the Japanese since their immigration to Canada in the late 19th century. This discrimination reached its peak during World War II; using the war as an excuse, Canadians forced people of Japanese decent out of their homes, and they forced them to remain in internment camps. However, these acts pale in comparison to the horrendous acts towards the Canadian Aboriginal Peoples. In particular, the formation of residential schools. This paper will discuss how the Aboriginal Peoples were…show more content…
Aboriginal children were forced to attend residential schools around Canada. These children would sometimes be sent extremely far away from home to go to school. This led to children often being separated from home, often without any chance of communicating with their families once gone. Even the children who went to residential schools close to their homes would often not be allowed to see their family outside of occasional visits. Families who refused to send their children would be severely punished, and sometimes imprisoned. Children in residential schools were forbidden from speaking their native tongue. This further pushed the gap between children and families as the children would slowly lose their native language abilities. The Aboriginal children were taught a different culture from their own; whereas they respected and lived off the land, the Europeans thought they owned and could sell it all. This was a major change for many Aboriginal people because in their eyes the land owned them. When not being taught European values, Aboriginal children would be subject to various forms of neglect. Many would be malnourished, physically or even sexually abused, and in some cases they would be used as test subjects. Sometimes due to overcrowding in many residential schools, many Aboriginal children did not have opportunities to eat good food or water. Therefore, children would
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