Canada, Drinking Tim Horton 's And Playing Hockey

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Being Canadian is more than simply living in Canada, drinking Tim Horton’s and playing hockey. In fact, the definition of being Canadian is a difficult concept to pinpoint considering it poses different meaning from one person to another. Although Canada is a relatively young nation, it has, like many other countries, a rich background that shaped and reflects its image today. But despite differing opinions of what it means Canadian, in the end we have the freedom to speak freely, live our lives to the fullest and remain in a democratic nation. Due to our nationalistic beliefs, Canadians often portray a large sense of pride, a common attitude, and last but not least, a passion for multiculturalism. Being Canadian means belonging to a Canadian society, where regardless of location, each community is rich with diversity, culture and tradition. When asked what being a Canadian means, a common answer many people choose without hesitation is multiculturalism and with reason. Canada is known globally for its acceptance of worldwide immigrants, its discrimination-free environment and high tolerance of cultures. This type of environment promotes a healthy and violent-free environment where everyone is family, but most importantly, it decreases hatred towards other cultures. Looking back at Canada’s history, it can be easily noted that it was founded upon settling immigrants looking to start a new life. Nowadays, it is not much different as many people around the world flee their

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