Canada During The Great Depression Essay

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Canada had it worse during The Great Depression than any other country. However, in Canada, which province had it the worse? That province would be called Saskatchewan. Each province had it pretty bad, but Saskatchewan recently went through a drought, grasshopper plague and huge dust storms. Over 250 000 people left the province during The Great Depression. There was very limited food and shelter. Hail would kill any crops the farmers would try to grow. The prairies we’re covered in bleached cow bones from either the farmer killing it or it dying of starvation. The relief cost for all of Saskatchewan was about $62 million. Well, $62 million is more than its total revenue. Almost everyone was relying on the government for food, shelter, warmth and water.…show more content…
Canned milk, apples, turnips and fish were sent from the Maritimes. The government ordered 100 railway cars filled with fruit to be sent to Saskatchewan from Halifax along with 35 cars filled with fish. People were forced to leave and abandon their farms, just to go somewhere where they will have nothing. All this to get out of Saskatchewan. Families had to hold onto trains for hours, to get to safety. Wait in lines for hours just to get a little bit of food, which was probably moldy or gone bad. The Great Depression took a lot from the people back then. Their jobs, houses, farms, money, cars and even their families and anything they cared about. But they still pushed through it. The Great Depression lasted 10 years, they pushed through for 10 years. Everyone in Saskatchewan was on the break of starvation but they still hoped for the day that things will be better. I chose The Great Depression because it is one of the most important events that happened. It is one of the most important because it showed that no matter what is put in front of Canada that we will prevail. The Great Depression shaped us for what we are today. It showed that we truly are the true North
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