Canada Goose Strategic Platform Analysis

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Below is the competitive brand strategy analysis of Canada Goose, which includes External and Internal analysis and the Canada Goose strategic platform. Canada Goose is one of the world’s most desired outerwear brands. External Analysis Canada Goose (CG) primarily operates in the Luxury Outerwear market, which is approximately a $14 billion market globally and the in the North America the market is around $4 billion. In comparison to the global market, CG has a total revenue of ~ $ 400 million, with the Canadian sales making the major portion of them with $ 155 million a market share of 35%. The sales from the US are around $132 million which takes the North American market share to a mere ~7%. The subcategory of the market which CG…show more content…
CG did try to address this issue when they launched spring and fall collection but they still form a small portion of the total sales. Which leads to the next characteristic of the market which is the age bracket. If this assessment was conducted a few years back CG would have a product structure targeting 16+ years of age group but in 2013 CG launched collection for youth, kids, babies and toddlers. Thus expanding their product offering to meet a wide range of age group and meeting their specific requirements. The market will be impacted by changing dynamics in the future. One of the key features that has impacted and will continue to do so is the shift towards online sales, this has resulted in brick & mortar store’s closing down due to lack of revenues and profits. CG is better placed to face this trend, as most of their sales (71%) are from wholesale with only 29% coming from direct to consumers, of which 19% is from online sales. They only have two stores and 4 country websites and have plans to open more stores and websites mainly in European countries. The other major change that could impact the market is the change in customer preference. With customers demanding a product sourced not from coyote fur because of concerns around animal right. Another change that could impact the industry is that the design of parka may become un-cool in the future resulting in a change of customer’s product desires/taste. Keeping in view that the majority of CG sales are

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