Canada In The 1960's

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Following a decade of classy, conventional living, the 1960’s was a decade filled with the Beatles, turtlenecks, Barbies, and afros. A decade where days were filled with tie dye shirts, and coloured televisions determined your social status. The 1960’s was also filled with racism and many were faced with unjust judgements and consequences for their actions. Through all of this emerged three events that changed Canadian history and how Canadians themselves viewed their country as a whole. Through the acceptance of a new flag, hosting Expo 67 on Canada’s centennial, and the fulfillment of universal health care, the 1960’s was a decade that brought tremendous unity and national pride to Canadians.
Canadians of all nationalities were able to be
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This campaign was the fight for government assisted health care for all. The government of Canada officially passed the Medical Care Act in 1966, which created a universal health care system for all Canadians. This was a significant step in Canadian history as many countries at that time, and still today, lack laws of equality like this one. For this reason, Canadians find great pride in the fact that all people in Canada have equal access to medical care. However, this law did not easily come about, it took much time and persuasion to even be considered. Tommy Douglas began the fight for universal health care for all Canadians in 1961 when he left the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation in Saskatchewan to be a part of the federal government (Colyer, et al, 2010, p.326). Douglas had the idea of giving all Canadians universal health care after he had succeeded in doing this for the people of Saskatchewan. After proving his outrageous idea of medical care being partially paid for by the government, it was easy to convince the rest of Canada. For only a small fee each month, Saskatchewan residents had their medical bills partially paid for and after only two years provincial debt was reduced by twenty million dollars (Colyer, et al, 2010, p.326). These same rules were implemented in the rest of Canada as a result of the 1966 Medical Care Act (Health Canada, 2012, online). As a result, Canadians were now supported by the government when they needed medical help. Consequently, universal health care brought both pride and equality to Canada because very few countries had the same luxuries that Canadians now
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