Canada Is A Country Of Many Peoples That Have Come Together

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Canada is a country of many peoples that have come together. Throughout Canada’s history there has been discrimination of several races. However, the aboriginal people of Canada have faced particular discrimination considering that they have been treated poorly and against their will, especially considering that they were the original people of the land who welcomed those from across the seas. Aboriginal people, in particular, are facing injustice concerning their privileges, accessibility, and equality in the healthcare system. Canada boasts of having one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world with a high life expectancy for both men and women. The rights of Canadian citizens pertaining to health is stated in the Canada Health…show more content…
Another negative factor to this stereotype is due to individualism the idea of “personal responsibility”; society has come to believe that alcoholism has become a part of aboriginal people’s genetic makeup and is not a result of society, but rather their personal problem (118). In consequence, this stereotype has often been used as the lens that society wears while considering the issue of alcoholism for many aboriginal people. Tang gives an example of discrimination that a man felt when he visited the hospital; however, he emphasized that he does not share this example with the intention to scold or put down healthcare providers, but rather to emphasize the experience the patient had: Patient: You know what happened? I came here [name of the first ED he went to] one night, I had a really bad headache. One of the ladies even told me, she said ‘Tom (pseudonym), you looked like you were drunk.’ I said, ‘I know, I wasn’t drunk though,’ it was so bad that I was puking and everything. So I came here [name of first hospital], and they didn’t believe me .. . they put me through a brain scan and they didn’t find anything so they sent me home with a bunch of pills. Then the

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