Canada Is A Great Place To Live Essay

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Canada is a great place to live so when it comes to picturing a new Canada is makes it hard for a lot of people to see how Canada can get any better. There are places out there with kids who don't just go to bed hunger, they die from not having any food, there's war and never ending death drowns some people, all well Canada is in the top 10 of the best places to live. I think in Canada our problem isn’t something that's hugely affects the people of my generation, we have some crazy killers, our unemployment rate is up, and yes we do have some kids living on the street. We can’t stop that, that is always going to be something around us so when I imagine a Canada I imagine something that is in the reach of everyone. We need some people to learn some social manners. That's it in my mind, social manners. We have so many people who don't understand what's right and what isn’t right to say.…show more content…
However in 2011 around 19.1% of our total population belongs to a minority. Yet for some reason with a minority population only around 6 million of our 36 million I still have to hear everyday in my country some nasty comment about a minority group, a group that over the years and to this day as already had all forms of comments made about them as if there life is up for conversation starters at awkward family reunions. So at the end of the day if I could wave a magic wand and have a dream Canada mine would be one where people learned the rights and wrongs of life and have the willpower to know when not to be like “So did you hear about that black, female cop that got shot over the weekend? When I heard about I was so happy.” and instead talk about what they did over the
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