Canada Language And Climate Condition

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Canada Language & Climate condition: In Canada two major types of languages are use English and French. Language might not a barrier to maximum part of Canada. But for after sale service or to promote the product firm need to understand the behaviour of the customers. The climate of Canada is very much cold hence the storage of tyres might be a challenge for company and getting proper amount of natural raw material for production is also one of the challenges. 1.6 TARRGET MARKET CHARATECRISTICS Swift Tyres need to focus on achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction and embed this priority throughout the organization from top to bottom with a solid framework of policies, practices and information. The quality of some of the competitor are higher than our product as they have a huge experience in the same industry hence firm need to work on the quality of the product. Canadian customers are more focused towards good quality of product with a nominal amount of money to spend. So that is one of the biggest challenges for the firm. In terms of production or sales technology plays vital role for a firm to satisfy the need of the customer. As firm is using many technologies to sell its product like in line selling, proper distribution of product through a proper channel and a proper description of product to make customer understand and match there need with the product. Swift tyre targeted audience would be Medium class audience in terms of payment

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