Canada Political Influence

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Political interferences have played a great role in economic crisis in the current world, especially in most decisions that gives the direction of the economy. Policies are made according people beliefs and the current situation and matter to address at hand. Ideologies and perceptions are made from past experiences and predictions with an aim to address the upcoming challenges. The Second World War resulted to the great depression and economy collapsed in many countries in the world. Wartime expenditure resulted to mobilization of countries funds and human resources, this resulted intervention in the economy that induced inflation. In Canada’s government responded in control of labor in quest of collective bargaining and huge wages which counted the rising popularity in legitimate demands of organized labor in order to access guaranteed collective bargaining. Collective bargaining brought conflicts in Canada as unions incited for strikes just after war. Governments committed itself in adopting monetary and fiscal policies to maintain consumer demand. This prolonged growth duration…show more content…
This notion cannot be under-estimated when determining the wealth of the nation and political ideologies plays key role in the economies state. The outline of present political economy on labor have questioned on viability to useful strategies that can address influence of labor in the economy. Spreading available labor lowers available unemployment crisis unlike solving the state of the society in terms of income rather than increasing secondary labor market. Likewise movement of global capital toward low tax jurisdictions results to incredible government attempt to redistribute income on non-labor markets. Therefore, there has to be employed strand of thoughts in political economy with a suitable policy response to any developments in the
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