Canada Quality Of Life Essay

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While some may believe that Canada’s quality of life is at a rise, those people are far from the truth. People are under the impression that, “Canada’s quality of life is the best it’s ever been.” Well it is not. Canada’s quality of life is in fact declining. Some of these factors include education, health, and the environment for reasons like plain laziness and ignorance. As Lester Fuller and Edwin Rolfe once said, “Never tell a book by it’s cover.” That is exactly what people assume about Canada from all these textbooks that show Canada and its quality of life in a good light. And we will explain why that is wrong.

To start it all off, the education in Canada is very shoddy. The teachers teach the students more about respect, rather than
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While that was kind of an exaggeration, we really need to overhaul our system here in Canada. All 13 provinces/territories get a shameful score when it comes to access to medical specialists, modern diagnostics equipment and emergency room services. In reality, we need more access to specialized services and more confidence in the government. Secondly, the depression and suicide rates have skyrocketed since the 1990s frequently in teens. This all ties into the horrible education provided here in Canada. We already gave an example of how students spend most of their time working for the teacher instead of learning. This causes a lot of anxiety for students and overworks them to the point of depression or even suicide. You are probably asking how does this relate to the quality of health in Canada? This would put Canada the utmost top worldwide for suicide rates among teens and young adults, which is something we certainly do not want. Finally, we’re going to address the controversial topic known as smoking. Smoking heavily decreases the quality of life here in Canada. We even suppress the United States for daily adult smokers! The only way to fix this is to make smoking illegal. It ruins our brains as well as our bodies. Haven’t been convinced? Well the CTUM (Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring) did a research that more and more kids in some places exceed the rate of exposure to
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