Canada Should Not Outweigh The Cost Of Canada

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Isn 't is depressing to see your loved ones get killed in a pointless war just to acquire a few acres of land? Some have argued that World War 1 "made a nation" out of Canada; others have replied that it has divided us ever since. I think that the benefits did not outweighed the costs. Canada officially went to war on August 4th, 1914 as a result of the British declarations of war on Germany. Even though Canada got nothing to do with the war, Canada did not have the decision or the choice to join the war due to Canada being one of Britain 's colonies. Canada at that time had a total population of 8 million people, in which, 620 000 served in the war and as a result, 60 661 were killed and 172 000 were wounded. The casualties were really high. There is no place in the world that is worth the slaughter of human beings. Interestingly, new technologies including machine guns, tanks, submarines, airplanes, poison gas, radios, and telephones were introduced in World War 1. But this also meant death rates would increase and being slaughtered would be highly possible. In response to the situation, Sir Sam Hughes, Canadian Minister of Militia and Defense, decided to equip most Canadian troops with the Ross Rifle. The Ross Rifle was an excellent gun for sniping and sharpshooting, but when it came to rapid firing, the gun tends to overheat and gets jammed easily, making it very useless in the war. In 1915, Canadian soldiers threw their Ross Rifles away and collected Mausers from
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