Canada Vs. United States Health Care

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Canada vs United States Health Care President Obama promised to all Americans that they would finally have an opportunity to obtain or purchase health insurance in the United States for the first time and for those that already had insurance he promised to them that they would be able to keep the insurance they already had and it would not increase because of Obama Care. After the passing of Obama Care the only truth was that Americans could purchase health care but other than that the rest were lies. People that already had insurance plans some of their plans went up and some plans even got dropped because of Obama Care. Many Americans now ask themselves why do they have to suffer and pay more for health insurance when they did nothing…show more content…
( Maria ) Obama Care is still a step in the right direction, though because it now allows anyone to obtain health coverage that wants it. Lastly, another downside to Obama Care is that the people that did not have health coverage before are now forced to get it or will get fined on their taxes at the end of the year. Many Americans do not even have the money to buy it so how will they pay the fine? It is highly unlikely the U.S government will never see that money any time soon. The republican party to this day are still trying to repeal certain parts of Obama Care because it does not work. The legislatures of the United States should take a hard look at how Canada operates with their health care laws. In Canada their legislators passed a better law allowing all citizens to have the same health care. Sure there are longer lines, but at the end of the day everyone is on the same team. The U.S on the other hand has not played as a team but still as an individual. Why make others pay higher prices for doing the right thing all their life? The U.S legislators should pass a law like Canada and make everyone pay equally or do not pass anything because it’s not fair game. Health care is valued by many citizens in the United States and in Canada. Both countries have their own health care systems to provide coverage for citizens. Canada has basic health care coverage for all citizens through federal legislation, but not all services are covered. Additional health
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