Canada Welcomes An Ethno Cultural Diversity And Follows The International Mandate

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In 2012, Canada received approximately 23,000 refugees and their families (Statistics Canada, 2012). Canada welcomes an ethno cultural diversity and follows the international mandate to ensure safety, stability and accessibility to health services for refugees. The refugees come from different countries, which are socioeconomically unstable, and they are in search of stability and a better destiny. Canada is recognized as one of the most developed countries in the world, it is undeniable that the protection of refugees will be provided. The Ottawa Newcomer Clinic, located in Ottawa, is one of the agencies that welcomes newcomer refugees. This clinic plays an essential role in the reintegration of refugees in their new environment and provides preventive healthcare services. To improve its services, the team members of the clinic are committed to promoting mental health in order to undertake a holistic approach in the care of refugee youths. Consequently, it is important to explore the obstacles facing this particular population using the Population Health model in order to identify startegies for mental health promotion programs that aims to optimize the health status of refugee youths. This brings us to review the importance of mental health among refugees and concepts involved, such as importance of the role of health care providers who have direct contact with the target population as well as mental health promotion. As indicated by Lucia (2012) populace Health Promotion

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