Canada and The Great Depression of the 1930's

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1929-1939- The Great Depression The depression years of 1929 - 1939 proved to be the worst, and some of the best years for Canada and Canadians. It was a time of extreme highs and lows socially, emotionally, and economically. It was a time that Canada came into her own being on the world wide stage. During the worst depression years in Canada, there were many people who tried tirelessly to get Canada out of the crisis she was in more quickly and efficiently. William Aberhart and his group of supporters had a plan that they were sure could help and even end the depression and its horrible effects. His theory was if a twenty-five dollar cheque was given monthly to each family, it would alleviate their financial fears and jumpstart the…show more content…
After three decades of dedication and motivation, the first snow blower was released and sold in a town called Outremont, which is close to Quebec. Similar to the snow blower, the first snow mobile was invented by Joseph – Armand Bombardier in 1937. Both of these Canadian inventions have helped out millions of people across the nation. In addition to these great inventions, there was also the Easy – Off Oven Cleaner, invented by Herbert McCool in Regina in 1932, the television camera which was improved by F.C.P Henroteau, and the zipper, which was invented by Gideon Sunback in 1925. These other inventions seem of lesser value compared to the snow blower; however they still have impacted not only Canadians, but the majority of Americans as well. The 1930’s was also a time in which Canadians were being introduced to a broader variety of entertainment, like the birth of FM radio broadcasting in 1933, invented by Edwin Armstrong, and the television, invented by Philo Farnsworth in 1943. Canada has a lot to be thanked for. In a time of great social and economic stress her people demonstrated that they were capable of creativity in serious products, many of which are still used today. As in much of the world, the period 1929-1939 proved to be an extreme social and economic low for Canadians. As a result of
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