Canada is a country that is built on people that emigrated from different parts of the world. The

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Canada is a country that is built on people that emigrated from different parts of the world. The policy of multiculturalism in Canada was introduced during 1970’s to make sure people don’t feel obliged to get rid of their identity on entry to Canada (Howard, 1998, p. 133). Canada has a long history of how its immigration policies came to being. Canadian citizenship and began over a hundred years ago with all manners of racism and legal exclusions. However immigration and citizenship policies have since changed and somewhat upgraded since then, in 1982 Canadian leaders introduced the charter of rights and freedoms, the Multiculturalism policy in 1971, and Multiculturalism Act in 1988 to reshape our nations religious, ethnic and cultural…show more content…
The same rules apply to the UK except to the second generation of citizen by descent (Macklin & Crepeau, 2010). As a result Canada’s transmission of citizenship by descent is much stricter than the UK and also different from those of the US (Macklin & Crepeau, 2010). At any given time over the past century, almost 3% of the world’s people were living outside of their country of birth, suggesting that birthright citizenship is the most acquired citizenship method in the world and almost 97% of the world’s population are citizens of the country of their birth (Macklin & Crepeau, 2010). Many say that the rules of birthright citizenship could be under-inclusive (for example, a noncitizen who lived in Canada since he/she was an infant and spent their entire life there is still not a citizen) and some say it is over- inclusive (such as a person born in Chicago to a Canadian mother from Toronto, who never set foot in Canada is still a citizen). This opens up a debate about the ideal set of citizenship rules but it also puts an emphasis that there really can’t be any perfect set of rules (Macklin & Crepeau, 2010). According to Migration Policy Institute Data Hub the foreign- born
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