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Currently, Canada’s economic base is quite strong considering its developed status and demographic factors. These include the birth rate death rate, GDP, natural increase rate, dependancy load, life expectancy, etc. Also, I will explain the current immigration situation in Canada, its importance, and its potential future, as well as further factors that may effect the immigration to Canada. I will also briefly write about Canada’s First Nation people, their current situation residing in Canada, and what the future has inscribed for them. The future will bring a completely brand new perspective towards Canada, not only for its citizens, but also its surrounding countries. I have accumulated some thoughts on the account of Canada 's future.…show more content…
First Nations • Status compared to regular Canadians Demography This video had spoken about the ageing population in Canada, more notably Cornwall. According to Global National Cornwall has the highest concentration of retirees, and is currently facing many arduous confrontations as there are many jobs to be filled, but as most of the population is retired it is very difficult for those crucial jobs to become occupied. Birth Rate Birth Rate: Currently, Canada’s population growth rate is low in correlation with its current birth rate, in other words Canada is currently in the fourth stage of its demographic transition model, which means that the total population is slowly increasing as the birth rate is declining much slowly, and later merging with the low death rate in the fourth stage. Birth rate of Canada in 2015: 10.29 births/1,000 population Prediction: Before I am able to make my prediction I will have to account for various factors that could affect the birth rate of Canadain 2060. Some of these include: the age in which women give birth and the rapidly increasing number of women joining men in the workforce. As portrayed in past years
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