Canada 's Energy Policy Should Be Beneficial

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Canada is one of the biggest energy producers in the world. Currently Canada is ranked fifth in regards to the production of energy. Canada 's energy policy should revolve around the natural resources and their optimum use to create cheap and clean energy, which should be environmentally friendly. Our policy should be beneficial for all the Canadians living in different parts of the country and that the policy should not discriminate among the provinces. Canada is also the biggest consumer of the energy in the world, as it consumes most of energy per capita because of the extreme weather conditions that it faces. We need to keep ourselves warm through the winter and have to transport goods and people from one place to another. Canada 's…show more content…
Canada 's unique geographical location and its harsh weather conditions, requires extra use of energy to keep the houses warm."[Moreover we have to transport goods, to far of places including territories, therefore as a result we use extensive amount of fuel for the transportation purposes]" (Energy, Statistic Canada). "[Per capita consumption of electric power in Canada was 16,473.16 kWh in 2011. In 2010 Canada’s average energy consumption was, 41% from petroleum, 31% from natural gas and 1% consumption from coal]" (Energy, Statistic Canada). We produce about 65 million metric tons of coal each year but, consume 50 percent of it and the remaining is exported to many countries of Asia, including Japan and South Korea (ILC 2007, CGW4UA, U2, L10, P 24). As per Statistic Canada our total consumption of energy was divided as: "34% of the energy was consumed by transportation. Residential and Agricultural sector consumed 20%. Manufacturing 19%, whereas mining, oil and gas extractions consumed 10% of the energy. Moreover 74% of the total energy consumed was in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. Canada produces 3 million barrels of oil, and consumes 2.2 million of it" (Energy, Statistic Canada). The rest is exported to the United States for sale. Furthermore Canada has cross border trade of electricity with the US and it exports "30 billion kWh of electricity" (ILC 2007, CGW4UA, U2, L10, P 25).
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