Canada 's Have 47 Locations Of National Parks

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Canada’s have 47 locations of national parks. The mostly Canada’s national parks are popular for mountains, ice and beautiful sceneries. ‘Banff National Park’ one of the popular national park in Canada, which located in Alberta. It is famous for coloured lake, mountain, outside adventure and beautiful sceneries. This park located in Canadian Rocky Mountains. (National Parks List, 2008) This park provide variety of visitor experience. There are so many tourist activities available for visitors like Camping, hiking, water rafting and wildlife viewing etc. In least 15 years, Banff National Park recorded highest numbers of visitors. According to Parks Canada Association 3.6 million tourist visit Banff National Park in year 2014-15. (calgary herald, 2015) Banff National Park is Canada’s most visited National Park. The town of Banff was established in 1886 as a service center of tourism industry. When the construction completed of Banff Spring Hotel, it became popular destination for tourists. In 1930, according to ‘The National Park Act’ made administration of the renamed Banff National Park the responsibility of Parks Canada. Banff National Park is managed by ‘Parks Canada’, under the National Parks Act. The management of park made a report according visitors review for attention during the last five years of the park management plan’s age. (Banff National Park, 2007) Parks Canada established many corporations and boards to decision making for Banff National Parks. For

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