Canada 's Health Care System

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Maintaining the health of the nation is one of the priorities of societies throughout the world. Canada 's health care system is an essential value for Canadians because it provides them equal rights when getting access to government-funded medical care. However, the system is a subject to severe criticism. A variety of factors, such as technological development, an aging population, and economic climate are a heavy burden on the health care budget. This, in turn, leads to limitation of certain types of medical care and its availability, for instance, the lengthening of waiting time for some kinds examinations and treatments. On the other hand, there is a category of the population that is willing to pay for these services, but the present legislation does not allow for the opening of private clinics. Another matter is that privatization will cause inequalities in the health system. Thus, it is vital to explore the effectiveness of partial health care privatization as the solution for some existing problems throughout the prism of Canadian values, possible health outcomes, and improving of the health care quality. Since 1984, the Canadian health care system is based on five principles of the Canada Health Act: universality, accessibility, portability, comprehensiveness, and public administration (as cited in Madore & Tiedemann, 2005). This federal document introduces a frame how the public health care has to be delivered across the country. The delivery of the health care
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