Canada 's Immigration System Lacks Heart

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Canada’s immigration system lacks heart, critics say, is an article filled with professional opinions and debates. These debates and opinions are regarding the humanitarian and compassionate side of immigration and refugee law in Canada. The article’s main purpose is to expose how Canada has changed its compassion for acceptance of refugees in recent years. Canada has always been recognized as an accepting and “go-to” country in crisis. However, in recent years, there have been changes. Refugee legislation has become extremely strict, qualifications for refugees have become unfair, and limitations regarding what Canada offers refugees have been set. There is always going to be opposing opinions regarding the compassion Canada has towards refugees. However, in the article, Peter Harder, a man who has dealt with the legality of immigration from 1987 to date, believes Canada lacks compassion for refugees. Peter believes Canada does not contain “heart” when it comes to refugees because of the increase in deportation, the extreme conditions attached to refugee status, and the unfair qualification testing. WORDS/PHRASES This article contains many phrases that relate to Canada’s rapidly dissolving compassionate reputation. Although some refugees still think of Canada as a “place of safety and asylum” , those refugees may change their opinion after “Cuts to refugee health care. Changes to rules for refugee applications. A bill to deport permanent residents convicted of criminal
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