Canada 's Influence On Canada

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Since 1867, Canada has been attempting to become its own independent nation. Canada has been trying to achieve its freedom from external control and influence from the United Kingdom, and be rewarded with the right of self-government. Canadian leaders and heroes have been persistent on proving that Canada is capable of growing up and separating from its mother country, Britain. This sovereignty could bring Canada many opportunities, which she would have never come close to, as a colony of the British. Canada has dreamed of being able to make its own decisions, as a child would dream of becoming an adult. Over the years, Canada has proven this and become more autonomous through wars, treaties and its relationship with countries all over the…show more content…
But by thoroughly examining Canada’s actions, it is noticeable that Canada has struggled to relieve itself of its monitored lifestyle and become the country we know of today, in the 21st century.
During the time of World War I, Canada was under the control of the British Empire. Canada was not fond of the idea of fighting in a war, because they were a recently new and inexperienced country. However, since Britain was involved, Canada was called on for support. Since Canada had no option and must participate, it was wise that they proved their strength as this newly born nation. The first battle Canada was involved in was at Ypres. The determined Canadian soldiers were seen as Canadian troops, fighting alongside the British and its allies, the French. This is one of the first sightings of autonomy from Canada in the First World War. “I am afraid… we must look upon them in the light in which we should wish to do so. They look upon themselves, not as part and parcel of the English Army but also as allies beside us.” (Webb, 31) Canadians were not happy about being part of the English Army. They wanted to represent their own nation. This motivated many Canadians to fight with determination. This also began to activate other countries in noticing Canada’s strength and ability. Canadians were determined and focused on fighting as an independent nation at the battle of Ypres. They were becoming identified and
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