Canada 's Influence On Canada

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Since 1867, Canada has been attempting to become its own independent nation. Canada has been trying to achieve its freedom from external control and influence from the United Kingdom, and be rewarded with the right of self-government. Canadian leaders and heroes have been persistent on proving that Canada is capable of growing up and separating from its mother country, Britain. This sovereignty could bring Canada many opportunities, which she would have never come close to, as a colony of the British. Canada has dreamed of being able to make its own decisions, as a child would dream of becoming an adult. Over the years, Canada has proven this and become more autonomous through wars, treaties and its relationship with countries all over the world.
However, at the time, Canada was a brand new colony and it seemed strange for Canada to claim independence at such a young age. Canada had to build up its government and economy to its full potential, before it would be stable for Canada to be on its own. In the 1930’s, even Canada believed that they were not prepared to separate from Britain and become fully independent, and decided to remain temporarily as a British domain until Constitution in 1982. (“Moment”) Canada was also deeply involved in its relationship with the United States of America. The neighbours often conspired and traded with each other. They remained in allegiance with each other and Canada acted dependent on the US. Some people would agree that Canada was not…
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