Canada 's Influence On The Canadian Culture

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Canada’s media industries have played a huge role in the Canadian culture. The Canadian culture has integrated with other countries forming a successful globalization. Many countries including the United States have contributed to the success in Canada’s media industries. The success of globalization between all of the countries was predicted by Marshall McLuhan and ever since his prediction, the world can be depicted as a global village. The global village can be viewed as a tool, a tool that is bringing the world together, despite the different languages, locations, and diverse cultures. With new technologies being developed more often, the communication skills between different countries are very successful. Canada’s diversity in their media and policies has established a global village with people around the world, allowing them to relate to the Canadian culture. To begin, most countries lack diversity within their population. On the other hand, Canada can be depict as a melting pot. Canada’s population is very diverse and the people in their society successfully coexist with one another. The population is viewed as one whole group. A similar country Canada can be compared to would be the United States. Both countries are known for their diversity. Whether diversity is displayed in their population or even in their media, diversity is significant in both countries. According to Environic Analytics, the visible minorities expected to increase by 2023 are, South Asian,
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