Canada 's Laws Should Be Unbiased And Non Discriminatory

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Canada’s laws are presented to be unbiased and non-discriminatory. The law promises every individual the right to life, freedom of expression, well-being and uses sparkly language to prove that no one is above the law despite sexual orientation (Canadian Human Rights Act, 1985). However, this is not the case in regards to homosexual individuals. This paper will discuss how homosexual suffer from discriminatory laws in their everyday lives. The discriminatory laws further lead to myths, ideologies and labels that are imposed on homosexuals (Fedders, pgs.787-789, 2006). Also, in this piece of writing two cases will be introduced to further prove how the law can be discriminatory even though it appears to be sparkly with persuasive language and non- discriminatory. Finally, this paper will outline how far we have come in regards to policies for LGBTQ and focus on various ways that can help bring about positive change in the upcoming years.
The first case is about a young boy at Handsworth Secondary School who was harassed by his classmates in Vancouver. According to Black, Azmi was bullied throughout his high school years, which began in grade eight and continued up until grade twelve (Black, pgs. 50-53, 2013). He was called names such as “faggot”, “gay” and “queer” (Black, pg.46, 2013). Furthermore, Azmi discovered a drawing of two males holding hands in which one of the male in the drawing was himself (Black, pg. 51, 2013). Additionally, he was physically harassed; this…

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