Canada 's Military Role During Wwi Helped Shaped Identity And Independence

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Canadian Issue/Theme
Timeline and Presentations

Unit 1:
Canada’s Military Role in WWI helped shaped identity and Independence

Vimy Ridge Battle 1917: The battle started on April 9th 1917 an ended on April 12th. The battle of Vimy Ridge was in France. It was four Canadian divisions against three German divisions. In this battle Canadians used a new strategy. Canada was led by Arthur Currie who was a great strategist as well as the first Canadian to have the rank of general. The battle of Vimy Ridge made a significant impact to Canada because they had captured the most land, weapons, war prisoners, than, any other British attacks during World War One. This helped Canadians gain a sense of identity, having part of the treaty of Versailles, receiving 250 acres of land from France and this gave Canadians an honor of having the reputation of being excellent soldiers.

Naval Crisis
The Naval Crisis was in 1909 leading up to 1910. Britain and Germany were competing against each other to have the largest and strongest Navy in the world. Canada and other colonies gave funds to help more ships be built. But, Britain was falling behind. Britain decided to ask Canada to lend them money. Laurier offered a Naval Service Bill. Which was a bill for Canada to have its own Navy under the control of Canadian government. This was a big significance for Canada because not many colonies and/or nations have a navy so for Canada this was a very big thing.…
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