Canada 's Role As A Major World Player Essay

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As time goes on, some countries become more relevant in the global sphere while others start to fade away. Canada is a country that only becomes more relevant as time goes on. Since being granted full sovereignty, Canada has had a growing role as a major world player. Much of their international growth has to do with its close ties to the United States and the United Kingdom. However, the country has also undergone huge change and refocusing on a domestic level. With influence from both Europe and the United States, Canada has a very unique system of governing. This paper will focus on a few major areas of Canada. It will look into the history of Canada, the structure of its government, its politics, and many of the major issues it faces today. Similar to the United States, Canada has a significant portion of their population that is native to the land. The indigenous people that live in Canada have lived there for thousands of years before the colonization of Canada occurred. The major groups of modern indigenous people are the Inuit and the Metis. The Intuits lived in Canada and Greenland for hundreds of years without European contact. Their first European contact came from Norse settlers in Greenland; however, these Norse settlers disappeared and left the Inuit mostly isolated until more widespread colonization in the future. The Metis is a group that refers to people who are descendants from both native people and European settlers. Their history goes back to the mid

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