Canada vs. United States: Legal System

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Since the British North America Act was adopted in 1867, Canada has been developing and writing up their own laws independently from other countries. Many people believe that, though our Canadian laws have come far from the days of the BNA act, they are still not up to par with the harshness of American laws. The advantage that Canadians have over Americans is that in Canada, there is only one criminal code for all Canadians whereas in the United States, every State has their own criminal codes which, unfortunately for the Americans, are not identical. Also, the United States and Canada each have a law that is fraught with the possibility that an injustice will be brought upon those whom these laws apply. In the United States, it is the…show more content…
This case can be compared to the Rettig case. Const. Tom Rettig, a 29-year veteran of the Windsor police, was shot in the chest and arm on January 19 of the same year as he was leaving a discount auto parts store in the 3800 block of West Vernor in Detroit. He was about to back out of his parking space when a man approached his window, pointed a gun at him and opened fire. Unlike Constable Atkinson, Const. Rettig survived his shooting. The 18-year-old who shot Rettig was sentenced to 53 years in prison in an American court. Remember that the 18-year-old who shot Atkinson (and killed him) received only 25 years in a Canadian court. Both of these crimes were nearly identical, and yet the crime that was judged in an American court was seen to deserve a harsher punishment than the one that was judged in a Canadian court. The final example of the Canadian legal system being too lenient comes from the Kiddypics and Kiddyvids club. This club specialized in the viewing of sexually-exploitative material - including live streaming video of men abusing their own infant children. A Canadian member of the group was charged with sexual assault during an investigation by authorities. The judge in the case decried his actions as a "gross case" and "sickening" - and sentenced the abuser to four years. The maximum penalty under Canadian law for sexual offences against children is 10 years, except for incest,
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