Canada’S Crime Rate Has Never Increased In The Past 12

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Canada’s crime rate has never increased in the past 12 years from 2016 until now . The main culprits of this rise is Western Canada, specifically Alberta. An assessment must take place on what Ontario is doing right and what Alberta is doing wrong. The collection of these findings were collected by Statistics Canada, a Canadian government agency who obtains statistics of Canada. The collection of these statistics took place in 2015, the last time they obtained Canada’s crime rate. It is being compared to 2014. They look at two types of crime rates: the CSI (Crime Severity Index) and the traditional crime rate. The CSI “measures the volume and severity of police-reported crime”. The CSI was created to look past the restriction of the …show more content…

The amount of crimes could be higher if people addressed all crimes that are unreported. One explanation focuses on Alberta’s economy. In 2015, the era of oil prices began to sink. The value of oil plunged to US$40.46 per barrel. That was the lowest it is ever been since March of 2009. Crude oil prices were worse as they dropped to US$35 per barrel. Alberta’s economy relies on the success of their oil markets, specifically oil sands. It is the “third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world, next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.” This had a negative impact on their economy, specifically to unemployment. There was about 100,000 jobs lost in the oil and gas sector in 2015. Alberta’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) had a total of a 6.5% loss from 2014 to 2016. Moreover, H. Naci Mocan is a Turkish-American economist and scholar. He states in his research that, “…we demonstrate that property crime reacts more (less) strongly to increases (decreases) in the unemployment rate, to decreases (increases) in per capita real GDP and to decreases (increases) in the police force. The same result is obtained between unemployment and property crime in annual state-level panel data.” This link between the low oil prices and the increase of crime was also supported by the chief of police of the capital city of Alberta (Edmonton), Rod Knecht. The fact that the economy dropped, caused an impact on their 18% spike in the CSI crime rate. The major factor that attributed to

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