Canada's Chinatown and the Critical Race Theory

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China Town Today in Canada there are a lot ethnic groups clustered away in their own areas giving rise to enclaves that are just growing. This segregation is taking away the entire idea of multiculturalism and diversity and rather pushing towards oppression and racism in the country. The Critical Race Theory basically states that the individuals are pushed around to change socially and individually due to pressures from the society. (Solorzano and Barnal p 311) This theory is based on the fact that race is merely a social construction and it goes on to affect other components throughout the society. A Hanegy-Lopen (2000) state that race of a country is typically determined by the dominant group in that society. The dominant group will thus construct the social order and mould the entire structure in a way that promotes in interest. (Henry 2010) This is the basis that further promotes this paper. The Anglo-Saxon or the white race is the predominant one in Canada. People who are not white are usually inquired about where they are from because they definitely aren't Canadian. Questions and perspectives like these thus depict racism for the minorities and thus cause them to form segregated groups and in the society. Thus, it is quite clear that the segregated communities bring about and further increase racism in Canada. Today, the word segregation harbors many negative feelings and sentiments regardless of where a person in is. Segregation brings along with it acts of

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