Canada's Current Economic Situation

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An analysis of Canada 's current economic situation depicts the nation to be under stress. Ottawa 's current fiscal policy aims to operate under a budget deficit which has the potential to take several years before balancing itself. A balanced budget may take longer to achieve than expected should the government of Canada not raise taxes or cut national spending.(Blatchford) In chapters eleven and twelve of Dinner Party Economics, Evie Adomait and Richard Mantra investigate macroeconomic policies and how they pertain to the economy of our nation. It is critical to investigate political views and the differences in opinions between left wing and right wing ideologies regarding the economy. The results of these decisions and debates are what create the basis for Canada 's overall macroeconomic policies. A study of macroeconomics allows one to understand the current situation of Canada 's economy. In chapter 3 of Dinner Party economics, measures of life, liberty, and happiness are described by analyzing the macro economy. In the study of human happiness, three factors are known to contribute the happiness of people which includes demographic traits, economic factors, and political factors.(p. 18) Certain governments have separate policies regarding inflation and unemployment. These political factors are related to economic factors which can ultimately determine the happiness of the general population.(p. 20) Chapter 3 also describes how identifying catalysts of happiness is
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