Essay about Canada's Geography and History Have Shaped Politics

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Canada’s geography and historic development have shaped its current political context. Do you agree or disagree? Do you think that this has made Canada a more (or less) difficult place to govern? Please explain.

Canada’s natural resources are distributed and differ along the territory. Therefore there is an uneven distribution of wealth because of the different economic sectors, which fluctuate the prosperity of the territory. Politics focus on the wealthy territories more than others since the transformation of natural resources represent the biggest part of Canada’s GDP which means a better economy.
Canada’s Natural Resources
Canada’s geography is very diverse and the location of natural resources and the density of population
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This has become a huge political debate whether the CWB is that effective or each farmer should be free to make their own business decisions. There are other grains like canola that have a higher market value. For some farmers producing less quantity but receiving a higher value may be more attractive. ( 2012) The issue here is how to manage the trade of natural resources and who is ultimately responsible for this trade. Is the board being efficient or farmers need their freedom to make these decisions? Some farmers are happy with the government having the control over them. Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board for example an organization of farmers are fully in favor of a monopoly. Recently, the CWB announced they will give up to their power and will leave the farmers with the freedom to sell to it to whoever they wanted. For some this represents better prices and opportunities and for others a violation to the Canadian Wheat Board Act by repealing the act without a vote. ( 2012). This is a clear example of how geography has a huge impact in Canadian politics. Different areas have different economic sectors making the government issues totally different, shaping them at the same time.
The political struggle continues as it seems neither way regulation nor deregulation of wheat seems to have a perfectly working system. Deregulation

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