Essay on Canada’s Immigration Policy from 1914 to 2000

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Canada’s Immigration Policy from 1914 to 2000

Canada’s immigration policy has got fairer from the middle of the century on to the end of the century. At the start of the century, Canada’s immigration policy, Canada’s immigration policy wasn’t fair but as the century comes to an end, Canada’s immigration policy became entirely different. There were a lot of racism in the first half of the century but most of this racism in the immigration policy disappeared from 1967 and on. As the years go by, Canada’s immigration policy gets a lot reasonable. The period of 1914 to 1939, Canada’s immigration policy got very unfair. Changes were made to the Immigration Act in 1914 that allowed the rejection of anyone from any race that was deemed
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During the Great Depression, 10,000 immigrants were deported. In 1931, the government put a complete halt in immigration. The Canadian government also refused to let Jews into Canada. This was especially evident during May 1939. The SS St. Louis tried to land on the east coast of Canada. The ship was denied permission to dock. The St. Louis was carrying over 900 Jewish refugees. The ship was forced to return to Europe. Also, during the Cold War, many immigrants from communist countries were denied entry because the government was afraid the immigrants might promote communism in Canada and brainwash Canadians’ minds. During this period, the government took many actions to prevent the Japanese, Chinese, East Indians and others from entering Canada through a series of restrictions and acts.

After World War Two, Canada’s immigration policy changed. From World War Two to the 1960s, Canada’s immigration policy was restrictive and the government still favoured European and American immigrants because they were more likely to adapt to the Canadian society. The government did try to limit the number of other immigrants. By 1947, the Chinese Exclusion Act was revoked by the federal government. This was a step in the right direction to make Canada’s immigration policy to be more reasonable. By 1962, Canada removed regulations on immigrants from Africa, Asia and other countries. Under Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada’s immigration policy became “colour-blind”
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