Canada's Inequality In Canada

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To the Aboriginal people of Canada, as well as Canada as a nation,

The original intentions for the residential schools were to “remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture.” These two objectives make it clear that in the past we viewed the Aboriginals as unequals, we treated them as if we were superior, trying to rid them of their culture and spiritual beliefs. The motives of assimilation were wrong and have no place in Canadian identity.

The evidence of Canada’s inequality towards the first nations is appalling and is a dreadful part of Canadian history. From the government of Canada we apologize, for the burden that was afflicted upon the nation. 80,000 people attending residential schools, families and communities were affected immensely by the brutalities that took place in our past. We apologize for the emotional, physical pain and suffering that was burdened onto thousands. We as a nation damaged and severed many relationships, we apologize for this segregation. We acknowledge that it was wrong to forcefully remove children from homes at a young age, leaving a void in families all across Canada. We apologize for any role the Canadian government had in the
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We deprived children of the love and nurturing that every young child needs. Unfortunately, many fatalities occurred within the schools and many of these children never returned home. We apologize for the powerlessness that was inflicted upon the children as many experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse and neglect. We apologize for the lasting effects on generations in Canada, not only did you suffer these events as a child, as you became a parent you were unable to protect your children from experiencing these same traumas. We apologize for failing to protect
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