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Canada's Justice System It’s a common belief that western nations believe that their own justice system is blind, and that all people are equal before the eyes of the law. Whether or not that’s true is an entirely different scenario. Canadians take pride in our open mind approach to and acceptance of all cultures, multiculturalism is what makes this Canada so unique and great. A closer in depth analysis into Canada’s justice system will show that their acceptance of all cultures did not leak through to the confinements of its courts. Why it is that one race or class is more likely to be an inmate? From a racial standpoint, …show more content…
The poverish live in areas together, and typically these areas are considered to be rough neighborhoods, full of crime, drugs and violence. In prison the poor are highly represented, this for the most part has been blamed to their lack of economic wealth. (Reiman, 1979 p.96) This then becomes a question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? In other words, did the life of poverty force them to create the crime, or is the high crime rate responsible for their poverty? It can be looked at from either side, firstly poverty causes many to sell drugs or somehow raise funds through illegal means. On the other hand, a life of drugs, violence and lack of education can prevent any group/race of people to stay economically disadvantaged, with no pathway available to lead them to a more economically stable lifestyle.

It is common knowledge that crime is more recurrent in poor areas than in nice middle class suburbs; however it’s not as simple as how rich the area is the less frequent crimes happen, there’s far more involved. Firstly if areas are considered to be rough, there will be more policing in that specific area. More police means a larger chance of getting caught for a criminal offence and which lead to more arrests. Another aspect which must not be overlooked is that those

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