Essay about Canadian-Aboriginals

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Aboriginal-Canadians have an excessive history of mistreatment and discrimination in Canada. Europeans considered Canada’s First Nations as savages, eventually residential schools were created which in extreme cases were comparable to Prisoner of War camps. According to Evelyn Kallen, “Substandard housing breeding disease and death, closed schools due to lack of teachers, heat, and/or running water are only two examples of continuing, dehumanizing life conditions on many reserves” (198). Although, extensive improvements have been made to reservations and Aboriginal rights, more improvement remains necessary. Allan Blakeney stated, “An important starting point of course, is that Aboriginal people in Canada do not, as a group, occupy high…show more content…
I believe this is a step in the right direction for Aboriginal rights. It is crucial to preserve Aboriginal history to create a just nation for Canada. As well, it is equally important to retrieve information from elders regarding their extensive traditions and beliefs and to preserve these traditional stories. The Canadian government should allocate funding towards Aboriginal festivals, museums, and other public events to educate all Canadians about Aboriginal culture and heritage, as well, this would show respect for Aboriginal-Canadians. Therefore, I believe funding allocated to the preservation of Aboriginal history can improve the plight of Aboriginal-Canadians. Second, Canada’s First Nations’ plight can be improved through self-governance. According to Pocklington, “For several years, Canadian aboriginal leaders have been demanding the recognition of a right of Native self-determination and thereby, for the aboriginal collectivities that choose it a right of self-government” (102). Aboriginal self-governance is a controversial issue in Canada. Before researching the issue I believed that self-governance would deter national unity, after further investigation, I presently believe that the claim for Aboriginal self-governance is justifiable. Although, according to Blakeney, “It will be a real challenge to make effective
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