Canadian Arctic Sovereignty Essay

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To what extent should Canada protect its Arctic Sovereignty? Canadian Arctic Sovereignty is currently a pressing issue has raised many questions about who owns and who has control over the Arctic and its precious resources. The posing question is; to what extent should Canada protect its Arctic Sovereignty? There are many reasons why Canada must go forward in defending and protecting the Arctic to a moderate extent even though it will be a challenging mission considering that the Canadian military currently needs more resources in order to properly defend the Arctic. They must defend the population of Inuit that currently reside in the Arctic must be protected because their way of life is changing due to their changing landscape. The gain…show more content…
One of Canada’s priorities in regards to Arctic Sovereignty should be to protect the Inuit people not only because they are experiencing a loss in culture, but the Circumpolar Inuit Declaration on Arctic Sovereignty also declares that the Inuit have rights to the resources and the land upon which they live on. Due to the receding Arctic ice there is now a partially open route through the Northwest Passage during certain parts of the year, which could pose a possible threat to Canada. According to the Canadian Ice Service and the US National Ice Center, the passage is almost clear and more than ever since the beginning of routine monitoring in 1972 (The Northwest Passage: In Dispute and Navigable). The opening of this passage has now sparked the interest of the US and Russia in wanting it to be officially deemed as international waters. The Northwest Passage is 7000km shorter than the Panama Canal from Europe to Asia (Byers). This would mean that international shipping companies would be able to save a great deal of time and money. There could also be the possibility to use super tankers to transport oil which is impossible to do through the Panama Canal (Byers). There are ship manufacturers that are currently designing and building vessels that would be able to withstand ice (Byers). The cruise ship industry is also interested in the use of the passage (Byers). There is a Russian

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