Canadian Auto Wrecker Research Paper

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Canadian Auto Wreckers assure you that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We are committed to the service we provide. You don’t pay any sort of administration fees and there are no hidden charges.

We want to make the process of selling your scrap or unwanted car as quick, easy and hassle free as possible.

1)Get a free, no obligation quote in just one click. 2)Great prices paid for your unwanted or scrap car. 3)Speedy nationwide car collection service. 4)Our appointed vehicle recycling centres handle all the DVLA and environmental responsibilities.

Scrap vehicles can be harmful to the environment if not handled correctly. Every ATF in the Canadian Auto Wreckers is fully licensed by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency or Natural Resources Wales and covered by the latest rules & regulations. These dismantlers will recycle every scrap car that comes through our network perfectly by removing all harmful fluids. Up to 95% of the scrap car will be shredded and reused to avoid damaging the environment through landfill.
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We follow a rigorous process when deciding exactly how to recycle a scrap vehicles. This enables us to decide the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to handle each scrap car, van or truck. We are very proud to practice environmentally sound process when dismantling and recycling scrap cars. All scrap cars are recycled to the highest standards – So your old car could be recycled into any number of products & who knows, it may even be made into a new car! Reuse is the purest form of
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