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2.6 The Gestalt

With the two versions of the song “Come Together” one would expect the melody to be the same or pretty similar, and it is at some points, but with the two very different style of the two artists, there is some variation in the two melodies. For example, in the Canadian Brass version, there are occasional riffs that reflect possible inflections that could have been done vocally in the Aerosmith version, which makes up for no vocals in the Canadian Brass version. So, the melodies are similar in the two different version but are mostly different in small variation of different inflections of vocals and progressions of instruments.

The registers of the two songs are clearly different because the Canadian Brass version does not
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One difference in the two harmonies though, is in the Aerosmith version, how each layer in the harmony individually seems to fit better in the song, like it clearly belongs to “Come Together” and not something that could be found in any song. In the Canadian Brass version, a lot of the time, some layers found don’t seem to not match, but have the feel that they could fit in a variety of other songs.

The texture of the two pieces are fairly different because of the different style of the two artists. In both versions, the texture is polyphonic and mixed. I would say the Aerosmith version is a bit heavier because you cannot always tell what instruments are playing when, and in the Canadian Brass versions, most of the time the instruments being played are identifiable.

Rhythm wise, the tempo in the Aerosmith version is faster paced than the Canadian Brass one. The aerosmith version feels slower even at the beginning when it is at a slower tempo because of elements like the drums and vocals in the beginning. I think the Canadian Brass version especially feels much slower in tempo than it actually is because of its marching band esque feel because of all the brass instruments and the lack of vocals. Though they have different tempos, the beat in both versions are very strong and drives the
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